Explore Bali with Motorbike

When you are a solo or duo travelers, the best and cheapest way to explore Kuta and Bali in general is by motorbike. In Kuta areas you will find a lot of small streets that difficult to pass by cars, alleys that can only passed by motorbikes, or one- way streets but apparently two ways for motor bikes. For example the street to our Bread & Jam hostel and the famous Poppies lane. Don’t forget the traffic, yes there are traffics in Bali, especially during high seasons. For a good motorbike it will cost you Rp 60,000/day. You might get it cheaper but make sure you check the motorbike condition. If you rent it weekly you can get better price, ask the motorbike rental for long-term rental.

Many tourists do not have motorbike license and became the victim of police check and you will end up getting in trouble with the police and spend a lot of money on the ‘on the spot fine’. So make sure you have international motorbike license or if you plan to stay for a long term in Bali or Indonesia, you can make a tourist motorbike license (valid for 1 month in Bali only). You’ll need  a license from your home country to get this. It will need to spare 2-3 hours (including traveling to the licensing center and waiting). Ask your motorbike rental to arrange it for you.  It will cost you around Rp 350,000, including their fee helping you getting the license.

Riding motorbike can be scary for some people. Just be aware of other vehicles when you are riding. Observe how the traffic and how the locals ride before you decide to ride motorbike.

Here’s some tips if you are planning to ride motorbike:

  • Have a valid Riding License (international or local)
  • Have registration of the bike, ask the rental for this!
  • Check the motorbike condition (break, lights, side mirrors, honks)
  • Always wear a proper helmet when riding motorbike.  Don’t use the plastic ones. You might also want to invest in your own helmet, for around Rp 250,000 you can get  a good quality helmet (it’s also more hygienic!)
  • Wear proper clothing, I know it’s hot in Bali but please put your t-shirt on and no bikinis
  • Learn your route in advance. If you are confused where to go instead of riding very slow, just stop and ask people around you for direction or follow the locals.
  • We drive on the left side of the road!
  • At the traffic light do not stop on the white line. If you half crossed the line when the light is red just keep on driving, do not stop.
  • Beware that at some traffic lights even it’s red turning left is at all time, do not block the way of other vehicles turning left.
  • Keep your bag safe and secure at your feet or under the seat (some scooter has compartment underneath the seat).
  • Don’t drink and ride! you need full concentration riding bikes in Bali

Happy riding and have fun!


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