Getting to Lombok & Gilis

Lombok and Gili islands are just a hop away to the east of Bali, separated by the Lombok Strait. More information on Lombok:

Lombok is the main island of West Nusa Tenggara. There are several alternatives to get to Lombok, by air or by sea. There are several flights operating daily from Bali International Airport to Lombok Airport. By sea, you can either take the public ferry or use fast boats.

There are 3 small islands of Gili. Gili Trawangan or Gili T is the most popular and the biggest among the three islands, while Gili Meno and Gili Air are more quiet and smaller.  From Bali you can get there with fast boats. See the table below for fast boats operators to Lombok and Gili.

Here’re some tips for consideration when choosing your transportation to Lombok

  • By sea or by air. Do you get sea sick or airsick? Check with the weather condition. There will be times when the sea is rough and your boat might even get canceled. 
  • Cancelation and delayed. Flights can get delayed and even cancelled (eg. Volcanic cloud ash). Fast boats and Ferry schedules might be changed or canceled due to bad weather conditions. 
  • There are several flights Bali-Lombok operates daily. The price can be as cheap as Rp 300,000/ trip. Bali airport is only 5-10 minutes from the hostel. Taxi to airport is Rp 30,000. The flight duration is 30-45 minutes. From Lombok airport to Senggigi is around 2 hours drive.

Airlines Bali-Lombok:

From Lombok airport you can easily take public bus (DAMRI) to Mataram and Senggigi, other places you will need to take taxi ( 

  • Public ferries operate between Padang Bay in Bali and Lembar in Lombok every hour (24hrs). It takes about 4 hours from Padang Bay to Lembar or more due to bad weather. Getting to Padang Bay could be a challenge itself. Public bus to Padang Bay starts in Ubung bus station in Denpasar, you will need to get a taxi to Ubung from the hostel (Rp 100,000 – Rp 150,000), or you can take shuttle bus such as from Perama Tour to Padang bay (Rp 75,000). The ferry cost RP 45,000/ person. In Lembar you would need to find transport and bargain to get to your destination (Senggigi, Mataram, Kuta). Tips: make sure you have a clear agreement in advance with the driver on the transportation cost before getting into the car/ taxi.

Although the cost for public ferry is very cheap, you need to consider the cost to Padang Bay and from Lembar to your hotel in Lombok!! 

  • Shuttle bus with Perama only cost Rp 175,000/ trip. It starts from Perama office in Legian at  6 am daily, and it takes about 8 hours to Senggigi. The price already includes the public ferry.
  • Fast boats. Most of the fast boats start in Padang Bai. It takes about 1 to 1,5 hour of drive from Kuta. Some of fast boats operator start in Sanur, Serangan or Amed. Almost all fast boat operators include pick up at Kuta area in their rates. The rate starts from Rp 350,000/ trip.

Fast boat operators for Bali-Gili-Lombok

Company Bali Gili Lombok
Blue Water Serangan & Padang Bai G. Trawangan, Air Teluk kode
Gili Cat Padang Bai G. Trawangan Teluk Kode
Gili gili Padang Bai G. Trawangan, Air Teluk Nara
Ocean Star Padang Bai G. Trawangan, Air Teluk Nara
Scoot Sanur G. Trawangan, Air Teluk Nara
Semaya Padang Bai G. Trawangan, Air Teluk Nara
Wahana Gili Ocean Padang Bai G. Trawangan Teluk Nara
Mahi mahi Padang Bai G. Trawangan, Air Senggigi
Eka Jaya Padang Bai G. Trawangan, Air Teluk Nara
Indra Jaya Padang Bai G. Trawangan, Air, Meno Teluk Nara
Kuda Hitam Amed G. Trawangan, Air, Meno Bangsal
Marina Srikandi Padang Bai G. Trawangan, Air Senggigi

There are several Online travel agents that you can compare prices of the fast boasts:

  • Travel time of fast boats. The travel times between boat companies are different, as they have different routes, from 1 hours to 2,5 hours. Some would stop at Gili Trawangan and Gili Air first before heading to Lombok or vice versa. The ones from Sanur and Serangan has longer travel time than the ones from Padang Bai.
  • If you go by fastboat you will likely to get wet as most boat will landed on the beach (not jetties) in Lombok. So wear sandals and shorts and secured your electronic devices.
  • Most fast boats in Lombok stopped near to Senggigi, a few stopped directly to Sengigi. Teluk Kodek & Teluk Nara is around 30 minutes to Senggigi. Bangsal is relatively further in the south.

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